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hm 2.0 – Hardmetric Connectors

High Contact Density
The hm 2.0 series of hardmetric connectors was developed in accordance with the international IEC 61076-4-101 standard. These shielded connectors have a pitch of 2 mm and are suitable for applications that require high contact density and reliability. Standardization ensures that the connectors are compatible with products from different manufacturers.

  • wide selection of types
  • modular connectors with a pitch of 2 mm
  • 5 or 8 signal rows
  • 12 different pin lengths
  • customized assembly layout as an option
  • available with or without shielding
  • supports a data transfer rate of up to 3.125 Gbps
  • robust design
  • accessories such as shrouds and coding keys

More information on hm 2.0

hm2.0 System Modularity

ept hm 2.0 modules offer a number of possibilities to optimize large contact densities, especially in combination with coaxial or fiber-optic connections.

Using module type A, connections with a length of 50 mm can be set up in increments of 25 mm to achieve an overall length as required.

The connectors with a multifunction block (types A, M, L) are preferably arranged at the beginning of a connector row. The type B module on the other hand is only arranged between other modules.

Due to their inverse-polarity protection the 25 mm type C and N modules are arranged at the end of a connector row. The coding keys in the multifunctionn block and the modules type C and N ensure that the modules are plugged in correctly.


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