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ept as an Employer

As a company that looks to the future, ept pursues an innovative HR and training policy.

We emphasize sustainable development and well-grounded training that is oriented towards the future.
Our employees’ concerns are important to us; issues such as development of potential, further training, and health management form the basis of our approach to employee welfare. And it goes without saying that we not only support the potential of each of our employees, but also offer them opportunities to advance their professional careers.

As a major employer in the region we have a great responsibility, and we constantly seek to meet it in every department. We identify with the company and stand by what we do.

This drives us to demand the best from our employees every single day, but it also inspires us to offer them the best.


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Joachim Ruber

Joachim Ruber
+ 49 (0) 8861 / 68 33 2
Bergwerkstr. 50
86971 Peiting, GERMANY
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