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24 apprentices start their future careers at ept

Peiting/Buching, September 2016
The 24 new apprentices from ept in Peiting and Buching together with their instructors (front row): Korbinian Grieser, Christoph Wandinger, Lorenz Grotz, Lukas Angerer, Christian Müller, Kamal Rejou (back): Armin Wismath, Christian Emter, Dominik Rustler, Jürgen Nieberle, Konrad Socher, Fabian Susanek, David Dorn, Lucas Netzel, Lucas Nittmann, Fabian Hofmann, Marco Müller, Thomas Eicher, Paul Ansorge, Jannik Sprenzel, Christoph Sebralla, Nikolai Fischer, Marco Mühlegger, Sophia Thurner, Selina Hipp, Elisabeth Neuner, Anna-Lena Fuhrmann, Lea Holzmann, Isabell Weber, Heide Ramminger, Tobias Gschmeißner

24 apprentices start their future careers at ept

Six weeks ago, these 24 young women and men were still in school. Today, they are beginning a new chapter of their lives as apprentices at ept. Their apprenticeship began on 1 September 2016, when they met up for the first time at an event held by their instructors and HR Manager Joachim Ruber. Following a round of introductions and a tasty snack, the new apprentices were presented with all of the important information about their program, including ept’s expectations and general information about the start of their training. The apprentices were then passed on to their individual instructors who introduced them to their departments and future colleagues.

A total of 16 toolmakers, two industrial management assistants, two technical product designers, two mechatronic technicians, and one surface coater began their ept apprenticeship training at one of two the ept facilities in Peiting and Buching. One of the new apprentices is an industrial mechanic who will be taking advantage of the dual study program to combine his apprenticeship with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. By the end of his apprenticeship training, he will be able to benefit from two valuable qualifications. In 2016, ept had exactly 100 apprentices. In 2015, that number was 98. With a hiring rate of nearly 100 percent, ept is providing valuable training for a future generation of specialists.

ept ensures that its apprentices are able to transition smoothly into their careers and integrate themselves into the ept community. Building that community is the top priority at the introductory weekend, where apprentices and their instructors travel to Scheidegg and work together to solve challenges. “Our introductory weekend is always a hit with the new apprentices. They have the chance to get to know each other better and practice working as a team while exercising their creativity,” says Heide Ramminger, instructor at ept. It all kicks off next weekend, and everyone – both the apprentices and the instructors – are excited about their first experience together as a group.

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