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Working on vacation? Only If It’s This Much Fun!

Peiting, 3 August 2016
Participants of the vacation program with their very own creations

Working on vacation? Only If It’s This Much Fun!
The AWO vacation visited ept GmbH

Nineteen children from the vacation program in Peiting spent an entire morning enjoying fun and adventure at ept. Decked out in ept shirts and caps, girls and boys between 10 and 14 watched the manufacturing process in amazement, as all of the individual components of a connector were produced and assembled into finished systems in a fully automated assembly process.

Then they got right down to business. Under the supervision of ept apprentices, they produced two pieces using different machines, including turning, milling, drilling, and grinding machines. Participants chose between a swiveling illuminated picture frame with a mirror or a clock. The children even got first-hand experience with soldering, reaming, and engraving to help make their own pieces. With plenty of fun and focus, it wasn’t long before the children could marvel at the results. By midday, participants presented their parents with the fruits of all that hard work.

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