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Our Programs

Exciting projects

Employees at ept can look forward to both rewarding experiences and challenging work. We give employees plenty of freedom to design their own work and the opportunity to take on as much responsibility as they choose.
ept also offers management training programs for employees who want to unlock their own potential. These programs are designed to provide individual support and training to the managers of tomorrow.
We also provide employees with the opportunity to take on an extended placement at one of our international sites.
There is never a boring moment at ept!

Health programs

ept has a company health management program. In short, that means that we care about the health of our employees.

Here is a brief overview of the many activities and facilities that ept has to offer:

  • Company-sponsored sports programs and groups, such as zumba, yoga, cycling, skiing, and much more
    Cooking courses and nutritional coaching
    Ergonomic working environment with adjustable tables, lifting equipment, custom hearing protection, etc.
    Work glasses
    Regular information provided by our company health magazine
    In-house doctor
Health management

Company pensions

As we all know, the state pension does not provide adequate support to allow us to continue to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle into old age. That’s why ept provides its employees with private pensions, including old age and survivors’ benefits to fill in the gaps left by the state pension system.
Company pensions

Intensive introductory training

No one should be thrown into the deep end and left alone to fend for themselves. At ept, new employees aren’t simply greeted at the door – they receive intensive introductory training during their first few weeks on the job. Guided tours help new employees to familiarize themselves with their working environment and detailed introductory plans guarantee that each employee gets to know all different areas of the company. New employees are provided with a tutor so that they have a direct point of contact for questions and advice.
Accompanied introductory training

Flexible hours

We want to make it easy for our employees to balance their work and personal lives. For this reason, employees not working on specific shifts are provided with plenty of flexibility to organize their own work schedules. Each employee is able to start and end his or her work day at any time outside of the core working hours (from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) depending on the employee’s individual responsibilities and agreements made with supervisors and colleagues.
Flexible hours

Team celebrations

Employees who work together should celebrate together! It is in that spirit that ept holds its annual summer party for all ept employees and their families. Visitors are greeted with a cornucopia of food and drinks as well as a bouncy castle, face painting for the children, and a foosball tournament – big or small, there’s something for everyone.

In addition to the summer party, each department also organizes its own excursions, where employees can drive go-carts, navigate high-ropes courses, or try out curling. Of course, winter wouldn’t be the same without ept’s ski excursion for alpine adventurers. Group excursions are also organized to celebrate special work anniversaries for long-time ept employees.
ept Summer Party


And of course, good work deserves good pay. That’s why our employees receive an array of bonuses on top of their regular salaries. In addition to receiving compensation for travel expenses and per diems for meals, employees are provided with paid vacations and Christmas bonuses as well as shares in the company’s success. This means that ept employees generally receive a yearly salary equivalent to 13.7 to 14.3 months’ salary.
ept shareholders
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86971 Peiting, Germany
Education currently
February 2015 Peiting, Germany
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August 2014 Peiting, Germany
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September 2017 Peiting/Buching
36 apprentices start their new careers at ept!
June 2017 Peiting
Apprenticeship Day at ept a Resounding Success with 150 Visitors
March 2017 Peiting/Buching
13 apprentices celebrate the successful completion of their training
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