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Varpol Pin Headers & Sockets

High Quality, Adaptable, and Robust
VarPol pin headers and sockets from ept offer a plethora of possibilities for connecting circuit boards. One or two rows, variable pin counts, different termination lengths, straight or angled – the choice is yours! The product also allows for seamlessly connecting sockets.In addition, Tcom press®, our tried and proven press-fit zone, allows you to eliminate the soldering process and greatly increase connection reliability.

  • a large selection of contact lengths and termination lengths
  • a choice of performance levels: 50 and 250 mating cycles
  • sockets can be joined end-to-end
  • simple and inexpensive processing
  • Tcom press® press-fit zone

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VarPol pin headers and sockets based on the press-fit system make it possible to connect circuit boards with one another in parallel:

  • board-to-board distance of 11.45 mm up to 35.45 mm using various termination lengths of the multi-pin connector
  • single or double row
  • number of contacts is freely selectable (no upper limit, as the connectors can be arranged next to one another without the loss of a pitch)
  • interchange zone as an option
  • female in soldering or press-fit technology

Connecting the connector with the circuit board using press-fit technology ensures a highly robust and resilient connection. High-quality press-fit connections, such as with the Tcom press® from ept, offer demonstrably better contact security than soldering connections. The cold welding between the contact and the circuit board hole resulting from press-in is highly mechanically stable and of a high electrical quality. It is remarkably easy and reliable to process using the associated processing tools offered by ept.

It is also possible to vertically stack multiple circuit boards, whereby females are used with the corresponding connecting contacts. Board-to-board distances of 11.45 mm up to 19.35 can be achieved here. Using a guiding system on the underside of the upper circuit board also supports stable contact management and prevents mismating.

Angled pin headers provide the option to implement right-angled connections with the same level of versatility and reliability, in addition to the parallel connection of circuit boards.


System: VarPol female connector / VarPol pin header



System: VarPol female connector / VarPol female connector without guiding block


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