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Apprentices Hired by ept after Successful Training

Peiting, Germany, February 2015
Apprentice Graduation Dinner 2015

Eight apprentices celebrate a successful start to their careers.
A special occasion brought together eight apprentices, three instructors, and HR Manager Joachim Ruber at a restaurant in Peiting on 24 February 2015: Seven toolmakers and one mechatronic technician all successfully completed three and a half years of training at ept.After a good meal, the apprentices were all particularly pleased to learn that the path they had chosen led not only to a training certificate, but also to bonuses for good grades.But there was yet another reason to celebrate: All of the apprentices were hired by ept as skilled workers on a permanent basis. The only one leaving ept is a toolmaker who is moving away from the region.In order to prevent shortages of skilled workers and ensure that the company continues to grow steadily, ept has been stepping up the number of apprentices each year. Thirty-two new apprentices signed on back in October 2014 to start apprenticeships this coming September that will lead to jobs in seven different areas at the ept plants in Buching and Peiting. This means that a total of 95 young people will be undergoing training as of September.

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February 2015 Peiting, Germany
Apprentices Hired by ept after Successful Training
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