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Training and Study at ept

ept manufactures electrical connectors for all types of industrial applications as well as for the automotive industry. The letters ept stand for ‘electronic precision technology.’

Bernhard Guglhör founded the company in Buching over 40 years ago. Today he is senior partner. ept presently has six locations worldwide:

  • The main plant in Peiting
  • The original plant in Buching
  • Augsburg
  • The Czech Republic
  • China
  • The U.S.

ept is a mid-sized, family-run company whose manufacturing operations are divided into the following departments:

  • Tool making
  • Stamping
  • Injection molding
  • Galvanization
  • Assembly

In addition to connectors, ept also offers its customers a broad range of accessories, including tools and machines required for processing. This enables customers to do their own processing work on connectors manufactured by ept.

Training is a top priority at ept; that’s why we offer our apprentices a large training workshop with plenty of machines and tools for training and practice.

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