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    Your Apprenticeship at ept

    ept offers you numerous possibilities for further development and supports you throughout the entire training period.
    There are nine different skilled trades to choose from at ept:




    As a toolmaker, you manufacture tools for industrial mass production. This includes tools and equipment for cutting, pressing, and injection molding. Absolute precision in the 1/1,000 range is obviously required, as is a mastery of all important machining processes, such as filing, drilling, turning, milling, and grinding.

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    Technischer Produktdesigner

    Technical Product Designer

    This job combines creativity and technology! As an employee in the design department, you create models, technical drawings, and documentation for the construction of tools, machines, and plants, as well as for processing technology. Computers and special 3D CAD systems are among the most important tools of your trade.

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    Mechatronic Technician

    As a mechatronic technician, you are tasked with assembling and maintaining complex machines, facilities, and systems. Your duties include planning and controlling processes and monitoring deliverables, assembling mechanical and electronic modules and components into mechatronic systems, and teaching customers how to use the systems.

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    Process Mechanic for Plastic and Rubber Technology

    It’s hardly possible to imagine our modern world without plastic and rubber products. Our company’s process mechanics produce finished parts from a variety of plastic pellets. You will learn how to mount tools in injection molding machines, how to operate these ultramodern systems, how to maintain and program them, and much more.

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    Industrial Management Assistant

    Industrial management assistants are the all-rounders among the commercial employees; they can be found in every commercial department. This rotation of departments guarantees you an interesting and multifaceted apprenticeship that will give you a good overview of the full range of tasks in the field of commerce at an industrial company.

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    Surface Coater

    As a surface coater, your job is to process and enhance different metallic and synthetic surfaces with the aid of chemical, electrochemical, electrical, and physical processes. This enhancement lends the surfaces certain properties, such as electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance.

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    Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung

    IT Specialist for Application Development

    IT specialists in the field of application development design and develop specific software and create documentation. If you like to spend your free time puzzling over software and are interested in developing new applications, then this computer job is just the thing for you.

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    Fachinformatiker Systemintegration

    IT Specialist for System Integration

    IT specialists in the field of system integration implement technical requirements in complex hardware and software systems. This means that you are a specialist who is most at home in the complex world of computer networks.

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    Fachkraft fuer Lagerlogistik

    Warehouse Logistics Specialist

    Which deliveries are coming in? Where does the merchandise go? How much has to go out again, and when?
    As a warehouse logistics specialist, you are in control of the flow of material through the company. Transportation equipment and warehouse management systems help you store, manage, and ship merchandise in a professional manner.

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    In their first year, our apprentices are invited to spend a two-day orientation weekend with their instructors right at the beginning of their apprenticeship. This gives you a chance to get to know other apprentices at ept and join them in tackling a few adventurous tasks.

    Afterwards, you will go on to pursue a diverse and exciting workday schedule with friendly colleagues and competent instructors. Throughout the course of your training, you will receive all kinds of support to help you learn and practice the skills you will be tested on, because it’s important to us that you bring your training to a successful conclusion.

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