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Success Stories at ept

Stork Patrick

Patrick Stork
Assistant Department Manager, PPE Automotive

As a certified electrical engineer, Patrick Stork started out at ept in 2008 as a project manager/project developer in the automotive department. He and his family then moved from the Ruhr area to Pfaffenwinkel in southern Germany for professional reasons. Before coming to ept, Patrick Stork worked for a large automotive supplier in Wuppertal that was a customer of ours. This brought him into contact with Peiting even before joining ept. Today, he is the assistant manager of the PPE automotive department and the group leader for automotive product development.

Huber Thomas

Thomas Huber
Group Leader, Quality Management

Thomas Huber, too, joined ept in 2008. He began as a complaint manager in the quality management department. Prior to that, he studied industrial engineering in the field of industrial technology at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, where he gained his first practical knowledge of the automotive industry and quality management. Today, he is responsible for providing professional and disciplinary leadership in the areas of complaint management and incoming goods inspection.

Spranger Michael

Michael Spranger
Department Manager, PPE Automotive

Michael Spranger started his career at ept right out of high school when he apprenticed at our company as a toolmaker. After completing his training, he transferred to another company in the region and worked there for seven years in tool making and fixture construction. While still at the company, he transferred to the field of application technology and underwent four years of extra-occupational training to become a nationally certified mechanical engineer. Michael Spranger then returned to ept as a project manager for product development. Since 2008 he has been managing the PPE automotive department. He has also been responsible for the entire area of product and process development since the summer of 2012.


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Joachim Ruber

Joachim Ruber
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