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    The newest products, latest press releases, upcoming events and trade fairs, and our ept newsletter – this is the place to find out what’s new at ept!

    High-speed SMT Connectors now available in additional Pin Count Options

    Peiting, March 2017
    The Colibri High-Speed-SMT-Connector System is available in 40 to 440 pins and with board-to-board-distances of 5 and 8 mm.

    Effective immediately, all versions of the Colibri® high-speed connectors with a pitch of 0.5 mm are now also available with the pin counts 40, 80, 120, 160, and 200.

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    Highspeed PCB Connectors for COM Express Pinout Type 7

    Peiting, February 2017
    The 440-pin version of the Colibri® COM Express® connector placed on a Compact Module.

    The 3.0 release of the successful COM Express computer-on-module standard includes a new pinout type. This enables a faster data transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps, thereby expanding the applicability of COM Express in terms of server applications. Of course, the PCB connectors required to connect the baseboard and the COM module need to meet these increased requirements.

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    New ept Plant is built in Habartov

    Habartov, 06.12.2016

    In Habartov (Czech Republic) a new ept plant with 5000 m² production area and 1000 m² storage area and office space is built for the connector production.

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    Investing in the Future: ept GmbH is expanding

    Peiting, Buching, Augsburg, 02.03.2017

    ept GmbH, headquartered in Peiting, Bavaria, Germany, has been a family-owned business for more than 40 years, supplying not only the automotive industry, but also the industrial and communications sector with PCB connectors. All products are produced in-house, as ept GmbH is capable of handling all important manufacturing steps. These include product development, project planning, tooling and equipment, production (punching, electroplating, assembly, etc.) and also the provision of a comprehensive “all-in-one” service. With its plants in Germany, the Czech Republic, the US, and China, ept GmbH is also a major player in electrical connectors around the world.

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    Compact and Sturdy SMT PCB Connections with a Pitch of 1.27 mm

    Peiting, September 2016
    PCBs can be reliably connected with one another in a wide variety of ways using the One27® SMT connectors

    Assemblies can be designed with more flexibility thanks to a variety of model heights, up to 80 pins, and various connection options.

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