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Tried-and-tested SMT connectors soon available for 16+ Gbps applications

Peiting, January 2018
Colibri SMT Connectors with special HighSpeed Contact Design

Colibri high-speed connectors will soon offer even more

Ept’s Colibri PCB connectors, which have a pitch of 0.5 mm, are already a reliable choice in COM express and high-speed applications up to 10 Gbps. Now, ept is looking to add a new, high-speed variant to the connector series. The new connector will be suitable for data transfer rates of up to 16 Gbps and beyond.

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High-Speed PCB Connectors for Extended Environmental Requirements

Peiting, June 2017
Colibri SMT connectors with thicker gold plating

ept Colibri SMT connectors are now optionally available with a thicker gold coating

ept’s Colibri PCB connectors, which have a pitch of 0.5 mm, are a reliable choice in COM express and high-speed applications up to 10 Gbps. In response to customer demand, these high-speed connectors are now also available as a Heavy Au version for deployment in challenging environments.

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ept Awarded Supplier of the Year

Ostfildern, June 2017
Thomas Pilz presents the Pilz Award 2016 to Claus Guglhör, shareholder ept GmbH

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG presented its ‘2016 Pilz Award’ to the connector manufacturer
Automation company Pilz announced the recipients of the Pilz Award and lauded connector manufacturer ept GmbH, based in Peiting, Germany, as one of the five suppliers of the year for 2016. Thomas Pilz, managing director at Pilz, presented the award to Claus Guglhör, Sales Director and shareholder of ept GmbH, at the awards ceremony. In so doing, Thomas Pilz paid tribute in particular to the excellent level of quality of the products that ept supplies, the superior on-time rating for deliveries, and the spirit of cooperation with ept.

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Stacking of PCBs with Differing Distances

Peiting, May 2017
PCB stacking with differing distances using One27 connectors

Electronic developers are frequently tasked with adapting parallel PCB connections to a wide range of spatial requirements. With ept’s One27® SMT PCB connector, which has a pitch of 1.27 mm, the distance between any two stacked PCBs is variable by up to 5.8 mm.

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High-speed SMT Connectors now available in additional Pin Count Options

Peiting, March 2017
The Colibri High-Speed-SMT-Connector System is available in 40 to 440 pins and with board-to-board-distances of 5 and 8 mm.

Effective immediately, all versions of the Colibri® high-speed connectors with a pitch of 0.5 mm are now also available with the pin counts 40, 80, 120, 160, and 200.

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