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Customer-Specific Solutions

The Right Connector for Your Application

Not enough space?

Miniaturization is one of the leading technology trends. For example, sensor technology involves interconnecting very small circuit boards. Yet the connections also have to be dependable and mechanically resilient.

Harsh environmental conditions?

We offer highly secure, press-fit connections between contacts and PCB holes – connections capable of resisting shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and corrosive gases. Airtight molding is another option for providing optimal protection against these predominantly external influences.

High data rates?

Rapid data transfer is often the most important requirement for a connection. PCB connections based on SMT boast high data rates and optimally designed contacts. Transfer rates can also be improved using additional shielding.

High current rating?

For more robust power connectors, we recommend an optimized contact design, for example, one with multiple contact points per pin. Highly conductive contact material can also be used when transmitting high currents.

Minimal deviations from the standard?

It often happens that existing connectors deviate only slightly from specific requirements. Adapting standard connectors to your special needs is an attractive alternative to developing new ones; it saves time and money.

Examples for customer-specific Connector Solutions









Bus connectors


Our employees in the areas of product development, product construction, project management, process development, order management/controlling, processing technologies, and logistics planning ensure that the project is executed flawlessly from development to execution. Comprehensive consultation is as much a part of our high standards as full development in accordance with automotive guidelines (APQP).


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