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    Company Culture

    The company culture at ept has always been decisively influenced by the company’s founder, Bernhard Guglhör. Even after the torch had been passed to his two sons Thomas Guglhör (President and shareholder) and Claus Guglhör (Sales Director and shareholder), the values of the founding family continued to live on and still exert a major influence on the company values.


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    Company Values

    Our company is guided by the ept values of ‘independence, productivity, innovativeness, trust, and respect.’ Whether managing employees, promoting new managers, or training young talent, the ept values are the standard by which we all measure ourselves. They are the key to our shared success, to successful products, and to highly qualified employees.

    Unternehmenskultur 3v

    3a for ‘Advance, Alter, Actualize’

    Most of the advancements, improvements, and innovations at ept are proposed and introduced by the employees themselves. We refer to this improvement management system as 3a, for ‘advance, alter, actualize’ (in German: 3v for Verbessern, Verändern, Verwirklichen). It combines the traditional method for managing employee ideas with work in what are called Kaizen teams for addressing interdepartmental problems.

    Unternehmenskultur Mitarbeiterbefragung

    Employee Satisfaction

    We know for a fact that employees are much more satisfied when given opportunities to help make developments and improvements.
    Every year we conduct a survey to determine the level of employee satisfaction, and we are proud to report that we consistently receive high marks for loyalty, flexibility, and trustworthy and respectful interaction. We see this as a direct result of the fact that as a family business we adopt a respectful management style.

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