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hm 2.0 – Hardmetric Connectors

High Contact Density
The hm 2.0 series of hardmetric connectors was developed in accordance with the international IEC 61076-4-101 standard. These shielded connectors have a pitch of 2 mm and are suitable for applications that require high contact density and reliability. Standardization ensures that the connectors are compatible with products from different manufacturers.

  • wide selection of types
  • modular connectors with a pitch of 2 mm
  • 5 or 8 signal rows
  • 12 different pin lengths
  • customized assembly layout as an option
  • available with or without shielding
  • supports a data transfer rate of up to 3.125 Gbps
  • robust design
  • accessories such as shrouds and coding keys

More information on hm 2.0

Overview CompactPCI Connectors

CompactPCI as the PICMG standard places high requirements on 19-inch high-end systems with passive backplanes as regards robustness, reliability, and performance. CompactPCI platforms are cost optimized, scalable, suitable for harsh environmental conditions, and highly durable. This is why system designers rely on robust, modular, standard-compliant CompactPCI platforms.

The PICMG® standards for CompactPCI provide specifications for hard metric connectors. ept’s hm2.0 connectors are optimally suited for use in CompactPCI applications.


Female connectors for daughter card
PositionShieldingPart number
Type AJ1/rJ1/J4/rJ4top244-11300-15
Type B22J2/J5top244-22300-15
Type AB22*rJ2/rJ5top244-62300-15
Type B19J3top244-23300-15
Type AB19*rJ3top244-63300-15
Type A for telephonyJ4divided244-11305-15
Type A for telephony (mirrored)rJ4divided244-11306-15

* For rear transition card applications the AB connectors are used with AB shroud. All connectors are also available without shield.


Male connectors for backplanes
PositionContact arrangement*Part number
Type A Hot SwapP1CB***BC243-11322-15
Type A Hot Swap for MidplaneP1TP***PT243-11710-15F
Type B22P2CBBBBBC243-22320-15
Type B22 AB compatibleP2/P5*PPPPP*243-22361-15F
Type B22 AB compatibleP2/P5*NNNNN*243-22734-15F
Type B22 AB compatibleP2/P5 *SSSSS*243-22371-15F
Type B19P3CBBBBBC243-23320-15
Type B19 AB compatibleP3*PPPPP*243-23361-15F
Type B19 AB compatibleP3*NNNNN*243-23716-15F
Type B19 AB compatibleP3*SSSSS*243-23371-15F
Type A for telephonyP4–******243-11323-15
Type A for telephony MidplaneP4–******243-11709-15F
Type AP4TPPPPPT243-11360-15F
Type AP4TNNNNNT243-11734-15F
Type AP4TSSSSST243-11715-15F
Type B22 for telephonyP5C*****C243-22311-15
Type B22 for telephony,
Row Z not loaded
Type B22 for telephony,
Row Z not loaded

* Different pin lengths in this row/-not loaded.
All connectors are also available with row Z unloaded/for other contact arrangements, please contact ept.


Coding keys
ColorApplicationPart number
Male connector backplaneBrilliant blue5 V – P1243-8014
Male connector backplaneCadmium yellow3.3 V – P1243-8031
Male connector backplaneStrawberry redTelephony – P4243-8012
Female connector daughter cardBrilliant blue5 V – J1244-8014
Female connector daughter cardCadmium yellow3.3 V – J1244-8031
Female connector daughter cardStrawberry redTelephony – J4244-8012



PositionHeightBase heightPCB thicknessPart number
Type AP1/P416.75 mm6.3 mm< 2.4 mm243-5525-5/1
Type AP1/P415.35 mm4.9 mm2.4 – 3.2 mm243-5525-4/1
Type AP1/P414.95 mm4.5 mm3.2 – 4.0 mm243-5525-1/1
Type AP1/P414.15 mm3.7 mm4.0 – 4.8 mm243-5525-2/1
Type AP1/P413.35 mm2.9 mm> 4.8 mm243-5525-3/1
Type AB22P2/P516.75 mm6.3 mm< 2.4 mm243-5722-5/1
Type AB22P2/P515.35 mm4.9 mm2.4 – 3.2 mm243-5722-4/1
Type AB22P2/P514.95 mm4.5 mm3.2 – 4.0 mm243-5722-1/1
Type AB22P2/P514.15 mm3.7 mm4.0 – 4.8 mm243-5722-2/1
Type AB22P2/P513.35 mm2.9 mm> 4.8 mm243-5722-3/1
Type AB19P316.75 mm6.3 mm< 2.4 mm243-5719-5/1
Type AB19P315.35 mm4.9 mm2.4 – 3.2 mm243-5719-4/1
Type AB19P314.95 mm4.5 mm3.2 – 4.0 mm243-5719-1/1
Type AB19P314.15 mm3.7 mm4.0 – 4.8 mm243-5719-2/1
Type AB19P313.35 mm2.9 mm> 4.8 mm243-5719-3/1

The height/bottom thickness of the shroud depends on the thickness of the backplane.


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