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Automotive Products

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Stamped Contacts
Stamped and galvanized press-fit contacts provide the basis for simple and reliable connections.
Depending on the application, the contacts are either overmolded or individually stamped.


Pin Headers
These are male contacts combined with a simple insulator material. The number of pins is customizable.


Male Connectors
These are preassembled PCB connectors. They can be assembled with different types of pins. They also come in a wide range of configurations: straight, angled, sealed, with different surface coatings on the contacts, and much more.


PCB Connectors
These preassembled connectors are used to securely connect two circuit boards. Different board spacings and a wide variety of pin counts are possible. ept’s flexilink series is one example of a PCB connector.


For parts that require special protection against liquids, gases, or the like, contacts and other components can be overmolded. This technique is used to protect sensors, for example.

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There are countless other ways to connect components to boards using press-fit technology. Just contact us and ask about your special application!

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