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From School Desk to Workbench – Technology Week at ept

Peiting, 19.07.2016

From School Desk to Workbench – Technology Week at ept

For four days, technology took the place of the more traditional subjects for students at Schongau Middle School, who were offered the opportunity to visit the training center of ept GmbH in Peiting. Together with their teacher Mr. Haslinger, the 15 students in the 8th and 9th grades explored technical vocations at ept up close.

Guided by the ept apprentices, they learned about different technologies like the machines and tools used by a toolmaker. They were also introduced to various skills, such as drilling, milling, and turning, and tried these techniques out for themselves on their own small project. Over the course of four days, they assembled a clock with the help of the ept apprentices, and each student was able to bring one home as a keepsake.

Technology Week is designed to show students how industrial manufacturing works and help them choose a career path before they begin to apply for jobs. “I have some experience in woodworking already, but Technology Week gave me the opportunity to get to know the world of metal as well. That has helped me to make my decision about what career is right for me,” says Jasmin, one of the students participating in Technology Week. Another student shared that she had previously only explored social professions, and that this week offered her an opportunity to discover her technical side.

Every year, ept GmbH works together with schools to give students a first-hand look at the world of technology, helping those students who are still undecided about their career plans to select the path that is right for them. This commitment to helping students comes from both sides: While ept offers up its training center and apprentices to help out for the week, the school organizes a bus to shuttle the students back and forth every day during Technology Week. Students always appreciate the commitment to their education.

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