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33 Apprentices Start Their Future Careers at ept

Peiting, Buching, September 2015
The 2015 ept apprentices

33 apprentices start their future careers at ept
ept will increase its number of apprentices by 18 percent once more

At ept GmbH in Peiting and Buching, 33 apprentices are about to launch into an exciting new phase with a wealth of responsibilities and challenges. These school graduates will take the first steps toward their future careers with apprenticeships in seven different disciplines, such as toolmaker, industrial mechanic, industrial management assistant, or technical product designer.
Many of these apprentices have already completed internships at ept. Twenty-six of the 33 new recruits spent some time exploring their future field at ept while still in school, familiarizing themselves with the tasks, the employees, and the work environment, and clearly enjoying themselves along the way.
The dual study program is growing more popular year after year. Two of the new ept apprentices are combining their apprenticeships in industrial mechanics with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. This way, they will be able to benefit from two valuable qualifications once they have finished their training.

The different training and promotion programs at ept offer each young person the opportunity to find the perfect way to start his or her career and to create an individual portfolio of skills. ept GmbH is currently training 98 apprentices in nine different vocations. Since just last year, the company has increased its number of apprenticeships by 18 percent. Apprentices at ept have always enjoyed a high rate of acceptance into full-time positions following their training.
Before they get settled into their daily routines, however, the new trainees will first get a chance to enjoy the traditional welcome weekend together with their instructors in Oberstdorf. Here they will participate in group activities and games to get to know their future colleagues and work environment in preparation for their new careers.

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