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AdvancedTCA – High-Speed and Power Connectors

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For ATCA® applications, ept offers both signal connectors and power connectors that meet PICMG® specifications. Ept connectors meet the highest quality standards and help make AdvancedTCA® systems much more reliable.

  • meets PICMG requirements
  • con:card+ seal of quality
  • stamped press-fit zone with Tcom press®
  • cost-optimized design

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Key quality features of the power connectors contain the stamped and thereby easily processable and highly reliable Tcom press® zone. In addition, the dual-beam spring contacts manufactured by ept lead to a reliable, long-term connection between the male and female terminal. Finally, it is possible to offer cost-optimized connectors using alternative interface specifications while simultaneously complying with the same requirements on the PICMG® specifications, particularly in terms of mechanical stability (mating cycles).

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