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    Titelbild 40 Jahre ept

    40 Years of ept

    40 Jahre Engagement

    40 Years of Dedication and Success

    We look back with pride on 40 years of dedication and success.
    We owe our company’s success to the committed and dedicated work of every employee in the company. Without our employees, ept would never have become what it is today:
    a company with a successful past and outstanding prospects for the future; a company with dedicated employees; a company that is highly valued by its customers and has been singled out for the second time in a row in a customer satisfaction poll as one of the best companies in Europe; a company that is rightly recognized today as a European leader in press-fit technology; and a company whose international locations will continue to grow and become increasingly important to customers.

    40 Jahre Partnerschaft

    40 Years of Partnership

    Partnership Between ept and Its Customers
    Customers are one of our top priorities. It is our mission to make them believe in our products and to view and treat us as a partner. To make this a reality, we have to begin by approaching them as partners. And in our view that means being dependable, committed, helping them with problems, and giving them pleasant surprises.

    Partnership with Our Suppliers
    As customers, we keep our word and adhere at all times to the terms of our agreements.

    Partnership Between Owners and Employees
    We don’t reduce our employees to a ‘production factor’ at the company’s command. Employees are partners who, based on the principle of a performance culture, play an active role in the company’s success and their own. We strive together towards the same goals.

    40 Jahre Technologie

    40 Years of Technology and Peak Technological Performance

    From the beginning, since our early success as a stamping workshop, we have gradually added new technologies such as plastic injection molding, galvanization, and assembly – and the business that started out as ‘Bernhard Guglhör Präzisionsteile’ turned into the present-day ept GmbH). For the most part, we designed and built the new technologies ourselves. Today, quite unlike most other connector manufacturers of comparable size, we have mastered all of the processes and technologies required to produce connectors, and we implement them ourselves. This applies to all stages of production, from developing and designing connectors to building tools and equipment that are used in stamping, galvanization, injection molding, and assembly.
    Our production process is supported by modern logistics and an efficient IT infrastructure with sophisticated software tools.

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    ept GmbH


    Joachim Ruber

    Joachim Ruber
    + 49 (0) 8861 / 68 33 2
    Bergwerkstr. 50
    86971 Peiting, GERMANY