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ept GmbH
Bergwerkstr. 50,
86971 Peiting, Germany
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ept – CIP / 3V

 CIP stands for "continuous improvement process" and is the general definition of sustained improvements achieved continuousky "step by step" through the involvement of all our employees.

3v, the continuous improvement process at ept

For ept, 3v is not only a process; it is a philosophy and a central component of our corporate strategy, involving promoting and requiring the participation of all of the employees in the company towards improving their own job and their business environment.

Each movement, each activity and each process is constantly examined by the employees. They are not to be improved once and in the short-term; instead they are to be lastingly improved.

3v enhances awareness of the fact that there are no perfect solutions, which means that there is no reason to sit back and be satisfied with the current status.

“Anyone who stops improving, stops being good?.

 3v stands for:

(German: Verändern)
the mindset of employees from reacting to proactively practicing
the viewpoint that a problem is not a catastrophe but a chance to do things better 
(German: Verbessern)
one’s own work environment  
(German: Verwirklichen)
ideas and suggestions submitted  

The three mainstays of the system

3v- employee model:
Employees submit their ideas direct to their superior.

3v- teams:
In a 3v team, solutions are developed for ideas submitted in the 3v employee model.

3v- projects: 
3v projects deal with complex ideas which are submitted in the 3v employee model and require a high degree of capacity and professional skills.


  • Involvement of all employees in a process of continuous improvement
  • Enhancing employee satisfaction
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Enhancing quality
  • Lowering processing times and costs to improve the company’s competitive situation
  • Optimal results within the “magical triangle of quality, time and cost“

e-mail: 3v@ept.de