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ept GmbH
Bergwerkstr. 50,
86971 Peiting, Germany
Tel.  +49 (0) 88 61 / 25 01 0 | Fax  +49 (0) 88 61 / 55 07


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ept – Apprenticeship

ept trains

At the operations in Peiting and Buchung, ept provides vocational training in nine different qualified professions. With a training rate of 14 %, ept far exceeds the average rate in Germany. We offer many young people the opportunity to receive profound vocational training, so that junior employees are qualified and well-equipped for their future and naturally also for ours. 


Our apprentices...

...are people who are eager to learn, committed, open-minded and active. They bring a willingness to learn and to work into the team, as well as an interest in their professional training and in technology - and they are open, honest and friendly when dealing with one another.